Dumpling Pastry / Gyoza Pastry

60 per pack

Available in a carton of 10

Standard | Large

Thin Standard 80/100 per pack

Beijing Duck Wrapper


Hokkien Noodles 1kg

Ingredients: Flour, Starch, Water, Salt, Color 101. Cooking Instructions: Cook in 5x boiling water for approx. 45s, rinse in cold water for 5s, reheat in boiling water, ready to serve (add soup or sauce). Storage: Below 4c. Size: 1kg

BBQ Pork Spring Rolls 110g

110g x 42 / carton

Egg Noodles For Fried

Egg Noodles For Fried 2kg 

Japanese Ramen 1.3kg

Japanese Ramen 1.3kg

Shanghai Noodles 1kg

Shanghai Noodles 1kg

Lotus Leaf Buns

36 pieces / carton


Seafood and Pork Wonton

20g x 144 pieces / carton

Curry Spring Rolls 110g

110g x 42 / carton

Pork Dumplings 20kg

20kg / carton

Gyoza 12kg

12kg per carton

Available in: Pork, Chicken, Seafood, & Vegetable

Vegetable Spring Rolls 110g

110g x 42 / carton

Potato Starch


Potato Starch, 25kg. Please contact for pricing.



MSG, 25kg. Please contact for pricing.



Salt, 25 kg. Please contact for pricing.